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askSam Press Release

askSam - discount on developer SDK

askSam is providing SMR readers a significant discount on the developer SDK - the SDK for SMR readers is $199 rather than $499!!!! To take advantage of this offer contact Jim Hartman at ext 850-584-6590 ext 106 and mention SMR.

askSam Systems is now shipping a software development kit (SDK) for its popular free-form database engine. The askSam SDK allows developers to incorporate the full-text search and free-form database capabilities of askSam in applications that they create.

Unlike structured databases, the askSam database engine does not require pre-defined structures or tables. It provides a flexible platform for dealing with both structured and unstructured data. askSam does not require structure (fields) in documents stored in the database. It can search and manipulate free-form data as well as structured (fielded) data. askSam can recognize structure in documents as fields. For example, when email messages are stored in the askSam database, askSam can use the words To:, From:, Date:, and Subject: as fields.

askSam also boasts extremely fast and powerful search capabilities. It indexes all data stored in the database and allows full-text searches for any word or phrase. In addition, askSam supports a wide array of searches including searches of specific fields, Boolean searches, date searches, as well as proximity searches.

The askSam database engine is especially well-suited for applications dealing with unstructured data, data with differing formats, or data that needs to be quickly and easily searched, for example applications that organize email, medical records, legal texts, resumes, imaged or scanned documents, as well as document management applications. The askSam engine supports standalone, multi-user, and Web-based applications.

The askSam SDK supports development in Visual Basic, ASP, C#, C++, and .NET. It includes sample application code for all of these languages. ___________________________________________________________ Pricing: askSam SDK Developer License - $499
askSam Database Engine Small Business Edition - $1999 (for 10 user server installation)

askSam Database Engine Enterprise License - $4999 (Single Server license for unlimited users) Royalty free licensing of the askSam database engine is available for developers.

Contact askSam for details.

Upgrades: Owners of askSam Professional can upgrade to the SDK for $99.

Requirements: The askSam Database Engine runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, and XP. Background: Since 1985 askSam Systems has created some of the world's most popular free-form database and information management tools. askSam products are used worldwide by over 350,000 users to collect, organize and distribute information. For more information on askSam see

For details on the askSam SDK or the askSam Database Engine see  or call 800-800-1997 or 850-584- 6590, or send email to:

Press Contact:
Ann Hartman
askSam Systems
P.O. Box 1428
Perry, FL 32348
Phone: 850-584-6590 ext. 115 / Fax: 850-584-7481

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