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Software Marketing Newsletter

Software Marketing Newsletter

Welcome to npsoft Software Marketing news. As I'm sure you are aware the Software Marketing Section is growing at a rapid pace. We've recently added "new" buttons to indicate content additions.

What's New
***************************** has recently added a featured site of the week for both the authors and vendors ! Each week a different site is featured. If you would like to be considered for the featured site of the week please contact me. and to see this weeks site profile!

If you are interested in finding a bundling partner or if you currently have a bundle be sure to check out
Additional information at:

Targeting Vertical (Sneak Peak)
We are in the process of developing a website targeted at specific vertical markets. Take a sneak peak at . If you are interested in having your software profiled please be sure to contact me. Vertical marketing is an easy way to target software at a specific audience. The site has not yet been announced to the public, but feel free to take a sneak peak.

Registration for voting for this years Shareware Industry Awards is currently under way. Shareware authors, representatives of companies that develop, package, sell, or distribute shareware products, journalist and reviewers are all encouraged to register. Additional information can be seen at

***************************** has just instituted a new review program for developers.Its a syndicated review exchange. Be sure to check out

User Groups
If you are interested in providing a discount or door prizes to user groups be sure to check out the User Group section of This section of the site has been completely reworked. It is a great way to target technical savy users.
Additional Information

Shareware Industry Conference
It is just around the corner, this is a great place to network with other developers, meet reviewers and learn valuable marketing advice. Definately worth the trip ! The conference is held July 19-21, 2001 in St Louis, MO.

Be sure to check out the monthly articles for software developers they have wonderful tips and ideas that can save time. If you are interested in contributing an article please contact me..

Partners / Link Exchange
If your site compliments and you are interested in partnering please contact us ! is growing by leaps and bounds, this is a great networking opportunity.

Advertising Opportunities
The Software Marketing section is becoming quite popular. Static banners are available on targeted pages for $ 10.00 USD if you have an interest in advertising please contact me.

Link to Us:
If you find a valuable resource, help us spread the word! Please consider linking to us or recommending to a friend ! Graphics can be found at

As always if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your continued interest in
Sharon Housley

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