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Software Marketing Newsletter

Software Marketing Newsletter
February 2002

Welcome to the February Software Marketing Resource newsletter


I stumbled across a new resource site for software developers this week. The best part of the site includes a list of contracts and forms that are available for download unfortunately it now appears that the downloads are only available to SoftwareCEO members. Membership is available for $ 195 to $ 2495.00 depending on the option you choose. Currently there is a $ 100.00 discount for the first 500 members. The forms available include licensing agreements and employment contracts. Definitely worth a look.


Emetrix is a subsidiary of and as such, has access to weekly Qwerks newsletters that highlights various software programs. The Qwerks newsletters are true opt-in email list pick where the end users must actually sign up themselves and check the categories that interest them, so it is highly targeted. Depending on the category, there are between 500 and several thousand email addresses. Each week a number of products from Qwerks or Emetrix are highlighted in the newsletter. This is done as a value-added service to Emetrix/Qwerks clients. If you use either Qwerks or Emetrix for your registration service contact contact David Arner at or see under the marketing section for additional details. It obviously depends on the product, but on average 10-20% of all recipients actually click through to visit the product web site or download the demo.

Its that time again! If you have not yet made your plans to attend the Shareware Industry Conference July 18-20 in St Louis Missouri nows the time. Online registration is available for $ 79.00 per person (the price will increase for those who register after April 1). The educational sessions will be chock full of information for developers, publishers and vendors in the software industry.

Software Business Magazine is hosting the Software Business Conference 2002, a Conference on Business and Technology for Executives and Managers of Software Companies. The conference will be held September 25-26, 2002 at the Denver Marriott Tech Center Hotel in Denver, Colorado. Its significantly more expensive to attend than SIC but looks very interesting none the less

Did you know that there are more than 233 pay per click search engines? I certainly didn't. There is also a rumor that Google will expirment with the Pay Per Click model. Apparently there are a number of regional and industry specific sites that have adopted the model. Additional details

Paul's Picks was recently hit by hackers, the site which was one of the first to adopt PAD, needs to be rebuilt. Paul Mayer is requesting that all developers resubmit their PAD files so that the site content can be reconstructed. It only takes a few minutes so be sure to submit your software today

Be sure to check out the new site additions to the software site list at there are a number of new sites accepting PAD!

If you are a software site and have instituted something new, be sure to contact Richard Josephs at so that the news can be included in ASPects (the Association of Shareware Professionals publication).

Are you looking for a developer with complimentary products? Are you in need of marketing or publishing services? Be sure to check out . If you would like to be added to the list of developers looking for partners please submit the form at

If you have a big heart, take a peak at this site. A truly great site run by 2 kids (ages 7&8) its a bit US centric but the spirit of it is sweet!

***************************** - a software site that caters to nonprofits and academic organizations, has inexpensive ad space available . A choice of a targeted banner advertisement or a text box ad is available for $ 25.00 for six months. Additional information can be found at

If you are looking for other inexpensive advertising options, be sure to check out AdOpps newsletter from Shareware Promotions. Special advertising announcements are emailed out to developers on the list.

We need your help in letting the software community know about the Software Marketing Resource, please help spread the word! As always if you have any suggestions or concerns feel free to contact me. Thank you for your continued interest in
Sharon Housley
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