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Software Marketing Newsletter

Software Marketing Newsletter
March 2002

Hi, Welcome to the March Software Marketing Resource newsletter


GOOGLE - Rumors are abound that Google will be penalizing for page submissions that duplicate content but contain different meta and title tags. Google has setup a new adwords select program that allows advertises to bid on keyword or phrases similar to Overture. The results are clearly marked as sponsored listings and separated from the normal search results.

ASK JEEVES - As of February 14, 2002 AskJeeves submissions can be made through inktomi, it is unclear whether the paid submissions will also feed the other inktomi engines or be specific to AskJeeves/Teoma

OVERTURE - Due to tons of feedback relating to a higher ROI on targeted terms that might not have a lot of searches, Overture is going to lower the required search threshold inorder to approve search terms (in other words they will be more liberal about the number of searches required.) Overture is contemplating setting up regional user groups for customers to discuss how to optimize Overtures services. They are also committed to developing more tools to assist customers in bidding. This will include an overhaul of the UI for the direct traffic center and doing things to speed up the whole process, and expanded reporting. They've extended their contract with Yahoo through Q2 of this year and the test with MSN was so successful its been extended through the end of 2003! They are actively working on new partnerships and expanding the number of listings their current partners provide. They just opened a German Overture. They also have plans to expand into France in the near future.


The Association of Shareware Professionals has a new face. The ASP has just completed the first stages of a major website overhaul. Be sure to stop by and check it out

The Educational Software Cooperative membership renewals are underway, in order to become an ESC members your software need not be educational or specific to the educational community.


ANSWER TOOL - If you find yourself constantly typing the same thing, whether replying to emails or submitting websites, consider Answer Tool. This tool can save time and simplify the process of repeatedly responding with the same text.

EMMASOFT - Emmasoft is running a combo special for developers. EmmaSetup CD is a "front end" that is used to launch programs, installers, or display information. This "front end" starts automatically when your users insert your CD into the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. EmmaSetup Professional is a 32 bit installation utility for Windows. You do not have to be a programmer to create personalized, professional, feature-rich installers, demos, slide-shows, presentations, or manuals. Use EmmaSetup Pro to create program or file installers, and EmmaSetup CD to run the installers, give information about using your programs, install multiple programs, or create a presentation. Each can make setups and presentations for distribution on CD, or SingleSetup files that contain your project in a single downloadable file. When purchased separately the cost is $239.90. You get both in this bundle for $199.95.


A great way to sell software is to target a specific industry. Global Software Solutions is a great way to do this...GSS allows you to target organizations, publications or resources for specific industries.

***************************** - a software site that caters to nonprofits and academic organizations, has inexpensive ad space available . A choice of a targeted banner advertisement or a text box ad is available for $ 25.00 for six months. Additional information can be found at

If you are looking for other inexpensive advertising options, be sure to check out AdOpps newsletter from Shareware Promotions. Special advertising announcements are emailed out to developers on the list.

We need your help in letting the software community know about the Software Marketing Resource, please help spread the word! As always if you have any suggestions or concerns feel free to contact me. Thank you for your continued interest in
Sharon Housley
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