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Software Marketing Newsletter

Software Marketing Newsletter
April 2002

Welcome to the April Software Marketing Resource newsletter


Voter registration for those who wish to participate in the nominations and voting for the Shareware Industry Awards will begin on April 1st and will end on April 30th, 2002. If you have registered to vote in the past, please do NOT register again. Your unique voter registration number will be sent to you via email before the nominations begin. (Registering allows you to nominate programs and vote).
More Info -

Also beginning on April 1st, those who wish to will be able to post their product information on the SIAF Web site by using a PAD file. While those who nominate will be asked to look at these postings, posting is not required in order to be nominated. Nominations for the Shareware Industry Awards will begin on May 1st, and will end on May 8th at 12:00 Noon MDT. Nominees will be posted on the SIAF Web site at on May 9th, 2002. The voting will begin on May 23rd and will end on June 3rd. Voting for the SIAF People's Choice Awards will begin on May 1st and will end on May 31st. Please check the SIAF Web site for participating voting locations.
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There is a rumor that Looksmart is going to look to the PPC model in order to increase revenues. Priority will be given to existing customers official announcements should be made in the next few weeks if this is true.

Changes at Overture. Like AltaVista, Overture requires a alphanumeric combination to be entered in order to access any accounts. This verification tool was put in place to block non-approved bid management tools. For a full review of the 7 approved bid management tools refer to In addition as of April 1st Overture has introduced different support packages that are directly related to the amount advertisers spent. There are 3 levels of packages available, basically the more you spend the better you are treated! :-)


The schedule for the Shareware Industry Conference is filling out nicely. In addition to the well known Shareware Sites like CNet and Tucows the FBI, and Overture will be speaking. This is an inexpensive way to network and meet industry professionals while learning about software marketing and an assortment of other topics. Plan for the Shareware Industry Conference July 18-20, 20002 in St Louis, Missouri
Additional information

The Software Business Magazine is holding a conference in September, the conference will be targeted at software developers and have lots of corporate appeal. Additional information

Gnomedex has been scheduled, while this conference has consumer appeal a strong "geek" precense is expected. Scheduled for late August in Des Moines, Iowa its worth consideration.


As many of you are aware, Software Marketing Resource is part of a network of partner sites. We will be introducing a number of new partner sites, that will be informational portals in the very near future. Two of the sites will be targeted at very specific type products. If you are interested in *free* product promotion and your software is related to monitoring or cellular phones please send the location of your PAD file to with a brief note. The two portals will resemble the one at and contain only monitoring software and mobile phone software (including ring tones) please send us a note!


Dave's Talks - Informational articles for software developers! Well worth a look.

O-A Online - information specifically for online advertising

We need your help in letting the software community, if you are part of a software organization please help spread the word about Software Marketing Resource! As always if you have any suggestions or concerns feel free to contact me. Thank you for your continued interest in
Sharon Housley
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