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Software Marketing Newsletter

Software Marketing Newsletter
May 2002

Welcome to the May Software Marketing Resource newsletter


DigitalCandle has reached an agreement to purchase RocketDownload a software review site. DigitalCandle has plans to expand Rocketdownload making it easier for authors to submit their software to the archive (hopefully this means they'll consider accepting PAD files :-).


If you are unsure of whether you'll attend SIC, take a look at the schedule Looksmart, Overture and the FBI are all confirmed to speak on the various panels !!! This is a very inexpensive way to learn the industry and get some great marketing ideas. There are still sponsorship opportunities if anyone has an interest.


GOOGLE - Google has modified their adwords select program they now require that the listing include the company name somewhere in the adword title or description (listing the company name in the url is not enough). They will be gradually rechecking their listings and requesting the advertisers modify listings that don't identify the company name.


As we promised, their are two new software portals underway that target specific types of software. We are currently developing content for the following two sites, if your software fits the site theme please email the location of your PAD file. If you would like to be listed in the "store" portion please send details of your affiliate program.

Mobile Phone Software - - Everything from ringtones to text messaging software. If you have mobile software please email the PAD file location to

Monitoring Software - - Any type of Monitoring Software from environmental monitoring to stock monitoring software. If you have monitoring software email the url of the PAD file to


There are a number of inexpensive advertising opportunities available to software developers. A great way to find them is through AdvertOpps a newsletter that negotiates discounts for subscribers. The larger the list the larger the discounts. Currently their are 300 subscribers and growing if you have *any* interest in advertising be sure to subscribe the offers cover the gamut. Additional information at


A new forum specifically for shareware authors can be found at be sure to check out Shareware Talks.


A new download site is scheduled to launch on May 6. Be sure to check out the grandopening of DownloadThat at

Thank you for your continued interest in
Sharon Housley
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