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Software Marketing Newsletter

Software Marketing Newsletter
Software Marketing News - June 2002

Welcome to the June Software Marketing Resource newsletter.

Be sure to visit Software Marketing Resource in the last month more than 70 new resources have been added to the site!


If you've considered advertising in ezines you may want to consider Ezine Ad Auction, you may be able to find some decent deals


I received a notice that Qarbon will be closing their Viewlet Library, if you are currently using them to host any demo viewlets be sure to update your links.


From the Real Names website: "RealNames Keywords are activated in the Microsoft IE browser pursuant to a distribution agreement with Microsoft. Microsoft has chosen not to renew that agreement. Keywords will continue to resolve in Microsoft Internet Explorer browser until June 28, 2002, at which time the service will no longer be available."


Monitoring Software - includes all types of Monitoring Software from network monitoring to environmental monitoring. Preferred placement given to software with affiliate programs.

Mobile Phone Software - all types of software relating to mobile phones, from ring tones to text messaging software. Preferred placement given to software with affiliate programs.


This is a resource we've always enjoyed, be sure to check it out. IdeaCafe - is a robust site of about business, promotion, and more


LookSmart - rumor has it on May 9, 2002 a class action suit has been filed by a number of advertisers who paid for inclusion and were converted to pay-per-click. I'm sure additional details will be forth-coming as a number of advertisers have expressed dissatisfaction with LookSmarts new listing policies.

Google - Google has come up with some cool new tools it shows they are innovative and looking to evolve with the technology. Check it out.

Direct Hit - Direct Hit is now part of Teoma, which in turn is related to AskJeeves. Not clear how this will play out with traffic feeds in the future but it may cause a shift in what engines feed into others.


SIC - hotel rooms are going fast! If you are planning on attending book soon . SIC is *the* industry conference.
Thank you for your continued interest in
Sharon Housley
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