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Software Marketing Newsletter

Software Marketing Newsletter
Software Marketing News - July 2002

Welcome to the July Software Marketing Resource newsletter.

We have a new look! Be sure to stop by, a number of resources have been added along with 3 new sections. These 3 sections will be expanded over the coming weeks. The new sections include the following resources:

Pay Per Click -

Auctions -

Development Resources -

If you have any additions please forward them to


Sounds too good to be true but I actually participated in this program about 2 years ago and as a result we have a Tektronix/Xerox Thermal Color Printer (Phaser 850). If you have a decent volume its great quality and supplies are actually less expensive than ink jet cartridges. The deal is you get the printer for free as long as you agree to buy the supplies from them. The offer is US-centric but they have offers for the UK and Canada as well, I just don't think they are quite as lucrative deals.


Overture - Lots of changes at Overture. They've changed the look and feel of their public site adding a new advertiser center that contains search engine strategies, client profiles, tools and support. A lot of the information is common sense, but helpful if you are new to the Pay Per Click arena. In the advertiser section major changes have taken place including a new slide bidding, with this feature you can set maximum bids and the system will automate bids reducing big price gaps on bids. The new system looks great, but appears from my experience sluggish during prime time. Will have lots more Search Engine news in the August issue as both LookSmart and Overture will be attending SIC next week and sharing some insight into the changes.


We've begun experimenting with affiliate programs with moderate success. As a result we've been updating and will continue to update the affiliate resources located at If you are considering becoming an affiliate or are considering selling your products through affiliates this is a good starting point and road map to affiliate resources.


We are setting up 17 new partner sites, each with a unique and targeted focus. If you have an active affiliate program please contact us with the details. The first 5 sites we will be launching:

Military Software -
Hospital Software -
Call Center Software -
Realty Software -
Bank Software -

If you have business software and affiliate program, I'm sure we kind find a place for your software in our network drop us a note with your details. Please keep in mind these sites are all currently under construction.

EXTSearch - Search Engine for File Extensions

High Search Engine Ranking - SEO portal and newsletter

Tell us what you think of our new look and new sections! Send comments to !

Thank you for your continued interest in
Sharon Housley
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