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Software Marketing Newsletter

Software Marketing Newsletter
Software Marketing News - September 2002

Welcome to the September Software Marketing Resource newsletter.


Many developers use secondary sites or content sites to drive traffic to their website. This can be a very effective means of driving traffic and increasing link popularity. The task is somewhat daunting but can be made easier by purchasing web templates and graphic sets. I found a number of resources for this. In some cases the templates are as little as $ 10.00, some sites have subscription services ranging from $ 24.95 per year to around $ 60.00 per year, you subscribe and have access to all the templates in their archive during your subscription period.
Website Templates
101 Web Templates
Template Styles
Sticky Templates

Additional resources can be found at


This month I experimented a bit with Ezine advertising and like anything else, I found the hardest thing was finding ezines that targeted the audience I wanted to. So I subscribed to Directory of Ezine Ads .

This site is a searchable database of approximately 800 ezines, you can sort by the volume of subscribers, along with a host of other things. An annual subscription to use the database is $ 39.95 but it seems to be an effective way to find niche ezines. It is still a little early to tell how effective the sample ezine runs were but I'll include a progress report in next month's SMR.


I stumbled across an interesting site, assists you in recognizing scams Fraud is everywhere on the Internet, ready at every turn to snare the uninitiated. Read through their site and learn how to tell a fraud, what specific swindles are popular at the moment, and fill in a complaint form if you feel someone’s taken advantage of you.


This might be a good way to test the waters. Need to outsource your software development? Receive an average of 5-6 qualified bids within just 24 hours at RentACoder


SWRUS is holding a shareware conference in Russia the end of September, there are a number of sponsorship opportunities available starting at only $ 250.00! There are more than 1,000 members in SWRUS and more than 300 are expected in attendance at the conference. Details on sponsoring can be found at
more info


Its not inexpensive but if you manage a network of sites, it is worth the price. I *finally* upgraded to the latest version of WPG and they now submit to 60 additional search engines (or there abouts). One thing I have to say about WPG, is that they really make an effort to stay on top of the search engine changes and knowing what is allowed and what is not.
more info


OVERTURE - Overture has just announced a new "match driver" tool. The new expanded matching enhancement allows you to receive traffic from more complex user search queries, even though they are not searching on the "exact" phrase that you have bid on. Not quite sure how this will work if someone bids on the exact phrase vs someone who doesn't but is paying more for similar terms. Will be interesting to see how it is managed.

FINDWHAT - Findwhat announced on August 12, that is throwing its hat into the ring and has snagged a special agreement with Lycos, to provide PPC listing in their new Lycos InSite select program. They claim that listing can easily be ported over from existing Findwhat listings. Once ported listings will appear on both Lycos and HotBot. Information should be forthcoming for Findwhat advertisers.

OVERTURE UK - Overture UK has launched and claims to have wide reach. What they don't tell you is that you don't have to retype all of your listings from the side! Drop them an email and ask them to port over your listings at the minimum bid, they will automatically sift through any words that are not commonly used in Europe and port over your listings setting the minimum bid (which I found usually gave you a first place ranking on the UK side). There is no monthly minimum for UK advertising and once bids are up you can easily use the "manager" to modify them.

Did you buy a whole pile of domains and haven't had the time to do anything with them? Perhaps its time to findout their "street value". This site provides website Appraisals, I didn't try it but I'm curious to hear how it works so if anyone does please let me know!
more info


Take a look at this week's site of the week! Search Engine Utilities is chock full of the latest news on Search Engines!


This was sent to me from one of the User Groups as a sponsorship opportunity. If you are interested please contact them directly! Do you want to reach the leaders of over 12,000 avid computer users? The Southeast Regional User Group Conference is the place. Close to 100 different leaders from over 50 different computer user groups are meeting September 13-15, 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Southeast Regional User Group is still looking for someone to sponsor the breaks. For $5.00 to $7.50 per person your company can sponsor all three breaks. Your company will be prominently displayed at the break tables and mentioned throughout the event. You also are invited to participate in the Vendor Faire on Sunday afternoon. If you wish, you can add door prizes to the breaks and gain more attention. The price includes all three scheduled breaks. Don't feel left out! You still have other opportunities. Vendor Faire sponsorships are $75 for which you will get a table from which you may display your wares.

One last opportunity exists! We are looking for door prizes for the Vendor Faire and swag for all the attendees. Have you got t-shirts, Frisbees, and other trinkets that computer crazies go for? Send them to us. We are expecting close to 100 leaders, so plan accordingly we don't want to leave anyone out. Door prizes will be given away at the Vendor Faire on Sunday, this is a wonderful way to get your product known. Information about the Southeast Regional User Group Conference is available at:

For more information about how you can get involved contact myself, Michael Rogers at or by phone at: 770-552-7914. All shipments should be addressed to:
Michael Rogers
Southeast Regional User Group Conference
135 Gunlock Trace
Roswell, GA 30076


As of August 28th RegNow is expecting to announce the support for multi-currency including Euro and Pounds. In addition RegNow will now be collecting VAT in France for any electronic product sold to customers in France. Tax will be collected at the rate of 19.6%.


Because of the significant content volume in this newsletter, I expect it will be moving to a bi-monthly publication when quality content exists. If this presents a problem for you and you wish to comment or unsubscribe please send me a note.

Thank you for your continued interest in
Sharon Housley
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