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Software Marketing Newsletter

Software Marketing Newsletter
May 2003 Newsletter



SearchSites searches software sites for any given program's name, and allows you to quickly and easily see where your program is listed, and where you need to submit or update. The best thing of all is that it is completely free - so it will save you time and cost you nothing at all! The latest version has a completely new interface, and also makes use of tabbed browser windows. You can specify the number of sites to search simultaneously, and there are a number of other minor features, including searching a software site through Google, a pop-up blocker and more. SearchSites is provided as a courtesy by Shareware Promotions.

Details may be found at the following URL: -


Spring seems to be usher in the Grammys and Oscars in the Shareware Industry.The largest and most prestigious industry nominations are currently underway --

SHAREWARE INDUSTRY AWARDS - Nominations are currently underway in order to put your program in the forefront for consideration please be sure to submit it here -

Please note: ALL programs that meet the criteria described in the rules and criteria are eligible. No program has to be "submitted" in order to be considered. The Shareware Industry Awards were conceived to honor the very best programs marketed using the "shareware" model. Over time, the number of companies using the shareware model has increased dramatically. For the purpose of the Shareware Industry Awards, the definition of "shareware" is as follows: "Shareware" is software that offers a "try before you buy" (TBYB) capability. Demoware that limits functionality, code-locking based software, and similar forms fall under this definition. The user must be able to try the actual product. All such products are eligible for the Shareware Industry Awards. Software whose only "try before you buy" offerings include videos, or similar non-useable demonstrations, are not eligible. Any company marketing a product that meets this definition, regardless of the size of the company, will be eligible for the Shareware Industry Awards. All programs that meet these criteria are eligible. Programs should have been released within 16 months of the current nominations. Any program that has won in the past must have had a fairly significant upgrade in order to be nominated again.

JAVA DEVELOPERS JOURNAL - As part of their 2003 Readers' Choice Awards Voting Process -ACTIVE subscribers of Java Developer's Journal votes will be qualified as 2 points in our voting tally. New subscribers votes will count as 1 point. Subscription records are verified as of the start of voting - March 31, 2003. Voting continues through midnight, August 30, 2003. vote here

WEBAWARD - For anyone interested in promoting a Web site or your ability to create great Web sites, the Web Marketing Association has just announced the Call for Entries for the 7th annual WebAward Competition for Web site development, the Internet's premier award competition that judges website development against an ever increasing Internet standard of excellence and against peer sites in 80 industry categories. The deadline to enter in June 13th and if you want information about the competition, you'll find it at http://

PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD - Shareware Industry Award - People's Choice voting is from May 1st through May 31st and will take place on CNet and Tucows. The winners will be announced at the annual Shareware Industry Awards Banquet Saturday evening!

ISIDOR AWARDS - The nomination period for software products for the 2003 Isidor Awards has ended. A total of 943 products in nine categories were nominated to participate in the vote for Europe's top software products. Voting will take place from April 29 to June 2, 2003. Join in and vote for your favorites! All participants will be eligible to win valuable prizes.


I found a cool tool Search Engine tool. Google Alert, - keeps you up to date on what the web is saying about you or your interests. It runs daily Google searches on your behalf and emails you any new results that appear.


Dr. File Finder's Picks started again about a year ago because Mike Callahan felt someone needed to be doing actual reviews of software. Initially, the reviews were only on Simtel but the reviews are now currently being carried on about 5 other sites including Paul's Picks, Software Vault, etc. So, if you'd like Mike Callahan to take a look at your program and possibly review it, just upload it to Simtel and let him know. Post a note in the ESC newsgroup news:// and share what you do with other ESC members at the same time.


Registration is now open for the 2003 Shareware Industry Conference scheduled for July 17-19, in Rochester, NY. If you've not attended in the past I highly recommend that you consider attending. The marketing ideas and sessions are packed with information for newcomers and long time developers. In addition you are able to network with major industry players from download sites, search engines and the press. Its a great opportunity to learn about the industry, even the veterans come back with a myriad of marketing ideas. Additional information can be found at


As the technology improves registration services are striving to stay out in front by adding new features and enhancements

EMETRIX - As part of their ongoing commitment to offer our developer clients the best e-commerce solution, Emetrix is pleased to announce the introduction of true multi-currency billing. This feature will allow your customers to pay in any one of six currencies including the US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar and Hong Kong Dollar. This feature permits your order forms to display final pricing in a customer's local currency, so customers will know at the time of purchase the exact amount their credit card will be charged in their own currency. Research indicates that shoppers are generally more comfortable making a purchase in their own currency which often leads to increased sales.

REGNOW / REGSOFT / DIGIBUY / DIGITAL RIVER / SIMTEL - next client summit will be May 6th in sunny Palm Springs, California. Join in as they discuss ways to increase sales and grow your business- from distribution sites to changing your websites to a group discussion on the topics of your choice. Representatives from RegNow, RegSoft, Digibuy, Simtel, and Digital River will be present. For more information and to sign up, visit our pages at:


There are a french alt newsgroupgroup about sharewares authors it's If it not subscribed to by your ISP, it is viewable, in reading only mode, here: news:// or here news:// This newsgroup tends to be similar to news:alt.comp.shareware.authors


I received a note from Cyndi Simmons the editor of Homeschooling Parent Magazine. The Homeschooling Parent Magazine is featuring Educational Software in their July-August 2003 issue and are looking for venues to get the "word" out to companies interested in placing their product before us for review and possible inclusion in this feature. If interested software product reviews will be conducted from April 1, 2003 to May 15, 2003. Product may be shipped to: 13258 Overlook Courts Ste 800, Conroe, Texas 77302. Submitted product must include company name, contact person, address, telephone number and email address in addition to a brief overview of each product and the targeted age-use group. Only complete products will be accepted for review -- demo samples will not be considered. For additional questions, please contact

******************************** Downloads is now accepting submissions to be featured on our homepage under 'In The Spotlight'. This unique location shows off the best software found on and rotates to show a new application every week. We are looking for high-quality software titles that our visitors could benefit from and enjoy. If you are interested in submitting your application for possible listing under 'In The Spotlight', please send an e-mail to Be sure to include a short description of your application, your download's ID number, and a GIF image or screenshot no larger than 115x126 pixles. Also include any codes or serial numbers if you wish to have our staff review the full version of your product, and then add our comments on our homepage. The deadline for submissions is May 30, 2003.


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