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Software Marketing Newsletter

Software Marketing Newsletter
June 2003 Newsletter

Welcome to the June Issue of Software Marketing News. Visit us online at


Internet and Business related magazine on CD Rom. A new concept of interactive business magazine. This magazine has everything business people are looking for: information, news, economic reports, company profiles and upcoming events. But not only that, Directoris CD magazine is interactive and packed with valuable tools. Load it on to your computer and it enables you to interact with the publication. Search the featured database and request quotes directly from the search results. Review, test and install programs from the CD.

The first issue of their magazine, edited at 75000 copies, will be given away for free. If you are interested in having your software included on the CD ROM the fee is $ 275.00 -$ 385.00 depending on the level of inclusion.

Information can be found at (select software downloads)


Voting is currently underway for the 2003 Readers Choice Delphi Developer Tools in DelphiZine / Delphi Informant Magazine. You'll recognize the names of a number of shareware developer tools including EmmaSetup and Help & Manual in the collection of nominees. Be sure to vote for your favorite development tools. Voting ends June 6 so be sure to vote now:



In addition to the Shareware Industry Award voting based on the nominations from industry professionals. The SIAFs People's Choice Awards voting is underway. All software developers are encouraged to put up a link to the voting. Voting for People's Choice has been extended until June 6th.

The link is:

Graphics to promote the People's Choice can be found at .



SIC - The Shareware Industry Conference is just around the corner, July 17-19 in Rochester, NY. Rooms are going quick. This is an inexpensive, yet information packed conference with some great sponsors. Its the opportunity for developers to meet and network with CNet, Tucows, PC World, and even Microsoft along with a myriad of other companies. Details and information on registering can be found at


Add your company to the directory published annually by Software Business Magazine. I believe submissions close in early June so be sure to submit your company soon



I recently read a really great article about logos. It explained that great logos are credibility based, it gave examples of great logos and not so great logos detailing why they are good or not so good. If you are in the process of thinking about branding or creating and image for your company I would suggest you take a look at . It will get you thinking about the image that you want to convey.



The following site has a collection of web design articles that are really worth a look. The articles cover a variety of topics from Color Tricks with cascading style sheets to the emotions of color. Did you know that Red can emotionally trigger a sense of power, impuliveness, sexuality and increase one's appetite? But becareful how you use red in your site design because it can also shout anger, forcefulness, impatience, intimidation, and revenge!

Learn how to use color in web design to effectively capture your visitors without offending them.



ShareIt has implemented a new affiliate control panel. That allows developers to take control of their affilite program and manage their affiliates much closer. If you are a developer that uses ShareIt I would encourage you to brand/customize your order pages with the style sheets and template editors available. This increases affiliate sales significantly.


I recently read that the ASP has released a PAD Site Kit, a free PAD enabled PHP/MySQL shareware download site kit. Details can be found at


GOOGLE - Since about Mid April Google's index has been doing weird and in some case unexplainable things in page indexing. Long time sites had been removed or dropped significantly in page ranking, the explanation for this is that Google is making major changes. Speculation is that sites linking to large 3rd party affiliate sites may be penalized but this isn't yet clear.

LOOKSMART - On May 21st, LookSmart reduced their small business listing fee to $29 (was $49). They also reduced fees for updating existing listings to $19 (was $49) and added some new features to allow tracking codes. Their price per click, however, remains at 15 for small business listings.


MAPISTORE - A new software archive specifically for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Messenger. At the present moment, MAPIStore.Com contains about 400 popular programs, add-ons and plug-ins for these Microsoft software products. (accepts PAD Files)

PASSWORD SOFTWARE - A new software archive specifically for Password related software can be found at currently programs must have an affiliate program in order to be listed.

FREE PALM SOFTWARE - A directory of Palm related software is now available at . Palm pilots and handhelds in general, have allowed individuals to stay organized while having the freedom to travel. The site contains a selection of palm software and palm accessories that will assist individuals in their handheld organization

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