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Software Marketing Newsletter

Software Marketing Newsletter

Welcome to the new Software Marketing Resource newsletter (formerly the Software Marketing news). The Software Marketing section on the site was becoming so popular and large we decided that a designated domain was in order. The new sites focus, is to assist software developers and publishers in their marketing efforts.

Currently nominations are underway for the 2001 CODIE Awards a fee is charged for nominations and the deadline has been extended until early October. If you are considering a nomination they do encourage you to send it in early however.

Promotional Opportunities
The Software Marketing Resource is currently offering inexpensive text box advertising throughout the site. Monthly rates are $ 10.00 per page, if you sign up this week (9/1/01) you will recieve one month of free advertising. The ads are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Messaging Software
If you develop or promote messaging software be sure to submit your application to . This new site posts *all* types of messaging titles. If you have a press release be sure to submit it for posting as well.

New Download Sites
A number of new download sites have been recently added to the software site list be sure to check them out. We've also added indicators of "ASP" and "ESC" members, if we've missed any please let us know.

New Sections
In addition to the move, two new sections have been added to the Software Marketing Resource one containing a listing of distributors the other containing a list of resellers. Be sure to check these out !

Vertical Marketing
If you are interested in targeting a specific industry or if you have a vertical market application, be sure to check out Global Software Solutions. The site contains lots of industry specific information, including trade organization listings, magazine directories and free targeted link lists and much, much more.

The annual Columbus Schmooze is scheduled for the weekend of October 20th in Columbus Ohio. Schmooze are informal gatherings of developers and industry professionals. It provides an opportunity to network with fellow developers in a very informal environment.

If you have an interest in replicating any of the content on the site, please contact us. We are generally fairly agreeable to this as long as is sited as the source with a link. The link back allows us to keep the content fresh.

Site of the Week
Each week features two sites of the week. One is a software site featured, the other is a site targeted at software developers or authors be sure to check out the latest sites. If you are interested in being the feature contact us !

Articles - New News
Interested in some free exposure? Consider submitting a marketing article to be hosted for a month on Software Marketing section. This is a great way to reachout to the development community and establish branding. !

Partnering & Bundling
Looking for a partner? The list is growing be sure to list your software at this is a great way to expand your products appeal. This will allow you to reach new markets. A number of opportunities exist for creative partners.

Link to Us
If you find a valuable resource, help us spread the word! Please consider linking to us or recommending to a friend ! Graphics can be found at

As always if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your continued interest in
Sharon Housley

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