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Beta Testing Resource

Website Beta Testing
  Beta News beta test website and announcements
  Beta Watcher games beta test listings
  Beta Testers beta test listings
  File Flash beta test listings

german beta test magazine (games)

Beta Test

russian beta listing for games

Beta Base

beta software listing (formerly Developers Kingdom)


beta testing services

File Forum

post beta announcements


Beta Dogs

post beta announcements

Other Beta Testing
Centercode OnlineBeta™, a suite of software and services that enable companies to conduct and manage successful product beta tests.

Xtreme Testing

information about beta testing

Betasphere beta testing services (fee based)
Easy Beta beta testing (fee based)
Beta Testing Information
1.) Access to pre-release products
2.) Occasional discounts on released versions or complimentary version in exchange for assisting with testing
3.) Beta tester suggestions are often incorporated into final releases, comments and suggestions are welcome !

1.) Feedback - this is critical, tell the software authors your impressions, good and bad
2.) Bug Reporting - be willing to provide detailed accounts of any problems; the more specific information provided the better.
3.) Debugging - be willing to work with the developer; apply provided patches and retest where the software previously failed.
4.) Disclosure - developers frequently plan product launches after beta testing; it is important that product details stay confidential for an effective launch and PR campaign.



Beta testing resources for software and shareware programs

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