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Utilities / print managers:

FinePrint- Prints multiple pages on a single sheet from all windows applications
Poster-Printery - Print your own big posters on many pages 
PrintDirect Utility - Print manager

Utilities / desktop manager:

Control Freak - File manager
VKStartup Manager - Startup Manager
XDesk - Virtual Desktop Manager
Desks At Will - virtual desktops
Cool Desk- desk top manager 
FileQuest- Manage files and folders on your computer
FileQuest Lite - Mange files and folders on your computer
FastOpen - System tray utility provides handy access to frequently used programs
Cool Desk 99 - Virtual desktop manager
diskSpace Explorer Pro - Desktop manager
diskSpace Explorer 2000 - Desktop manager
Automate - manager

Utilities / system clocks:

xReminder Pro - Floating System Clock
UK Speaking Clock - Talking System Clock
ClockWise - System Clock
ClockWatch Pro - Synchronize system clock
1st Clock Light - Taskbar clock enhancer
HiClock - Synchronize your system clock

Utilities / miscellaneous:

Modem Booster - Boost Modem speeds
File Split Magic - Split files
Advanced Find & Replace - Search
KeyMan - keyboard Macros
HotKeyboard - Macros
SpaceHound 32- File finder
FastOpen - System tray utility provides handy access to frequently used programs
FileHunter - Locate search strings 
CopyGenie- Improved file copying in Windows
DiskState- Detailed overview of disk space.
Notes by George- Text file editor
Textview- Text file viewer
EFUS Electrical Funtion Utility Suite - 21 calculators and utilities
RAMpage- Utility that displays memory status
Y2K Test & Fix - Millenium bug diagnostic
Artistscope Link Protect - Manage downloads of your pages and images
First Name Almanac - What does your name mean?
Class Reunion - Personalization Software
Capture by George- Screen capture
Artistscope Shopping Cart - Add items to shopping cart
4DiskClean - Optomize Disks
SuperFassst! 98 - Advanced acceleration technology
Light Panel -
Z.COM - Switcher of video modes
Backup 2001 - Courier service software


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