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Corporate Opportunities

Corporate Opportunites
  IBM partner world for developers
  IBM Developer Works developer programs
  Dell Ventures venture funding
  Compaq compaq solutions alliance /test drive
  Microsoft coming soon
Corporate Assistance
  Idea Cafe robust site of about business, promotion, and more
  Small Business Administration developer programs
  SCORE (US) retired executives offering business advice
  GovSpot information for and about different US gov't sectors
Incorporating / Copyrights & Trademarks
  The Company Corporation online incorporating and related information; create your corporation or LLC quickly and easily.
  Trademark Bots single source for trademark owners and their attorneys who want to police and audit their trademarks on the Visible and Invisible Web. Site allows you to instantly license usage of copyrighted articles over the Web, including delivery of content.
Other great deal if you do a decent volume. buy the supplies and get the printer for free!
  FindLaw OEM agreements and more

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