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Demo Tools

Help & Manual - create help file documentation
Demo Tools
  TNT ScreenCapture Screen capture demos!
  Demo Forge very small demo slide shows!
  Capture Screen create a demo from Screenshote
  BB Flashback very small demo slide shows!
  DemoCharge tool for creating animated demos for use in Web content, emails, tutorials, and training and help materials.
  Web Update lets you add 'automatic update over the web' functionality to your applications with just a single line of code. You simply upload your revised software files, together with a simple script, to your web server.
  TurboDemo create professional Online- and Offline-Demos in few minutes
  NewStream Solutions automated, integrated and dedication solutions for software assembly, packaging, fulfillment and call center.
  Lee Lou/Viewbuilder create software demos and work through tech issues via an online demo, sample viewlets
  Runaware means of providing software evaluations and demos online that in a matter of weeks affects your bottom line.
  RI Softsystems Multimedia authoring and tools
  HyperCam captures the action from your Windows screen and saves it to AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved) movie file. Sound from your system microphone is also recorded
  NX Powerlite radically reduce the size of your PowerPoint presentations
  ScriptsCenter full featured scriptes at an affordable price
  On Demand Manuals manuals in small quantities at affordable prices
  Check&Get Web Change Monitor, Bookmark Manager and Web-Page Capture tool.
  Demo Builder Create product demos.
Install Programs
  Installshield installation program
  Wise Installer installation program
  Create Install installation program
  Setup Builder installation program
  Setup Factory installation program
  Easy Setup install program
  Installware installation program
  Emma Setup installation program
  Inno Setup install program
Help Files
  Help & Manual create help file documentation
  Help Authoring Package create help file documentation and hotspots in software
  Help Builder create help file documentation
  Winhelp create help file documentation
  Robohelp create help file documentation
  Help Scribbler create help file documentation
  Helllp create help file documentation
  ForeHelp create help file documentation
  DotHelp create help file documentation
  HelpBreeze create help file documentation
  Help Master help authoring reference
  Paper Killer html editor that can be used for docs
  Delphi Component Help Builder delphi component builder

RSS Software
  Create RSS edit, create and publish rss feeds
Log Analyzers
  LogAnalyzer 123 log analyzers
  IndexTools traffic and log analysis
  Flash Stats log analyzers
  SurfStats web stat analyzers
  WebTrends track webstats
  LiveStats log stats
  Fast Stats track webstats
  10-Strike Log-Analyzer manage and view web logs
  elog automatically capture all software errors.
Encryption Tools
  ASPack ASProtect is the system of software protection of applications
  Alcatraz copy protection capabilities
  SafeSerial component, which can instantly protect from piracy your applications
  SlockPK public key based encryption
  Cyberbolt Delphi - fuzzy hardware-based id, time based keys,etc.
  SofPro (PC Guard) Software copy protection and licensing
  Armadillo Reduce or eliminate software piracy with this powerful and easy-to-use license management and software protection system!
Software Administration
  A-Ware shareware author's total solution for customer tracking, program tracking, mass-emailing and key-generation. Replace 6 programs
  Software Administration Kit all-in-one solution for customer tracking and order tracking, form letter and e-mail submission, sales report generation, version management and order fulfillment.
Software Administration
  Scott's Box Shot and image-editing tool that creates a virtual package for your product.
  Logo Creator make virtual box shots.
Miscellaneous Tools
eFocusWorks Application Architecture Design, Outsourcing Development, and Graphic Design
  Animation Factory - Several thousand FREE Animations, web graphics and clipart items.
  Have a links pages full of dead links? finds dead links & fully automates your links pages! Click here for 30 days free
  Internet Colors website non-dithering colors by hue
  Bravenet free resources to spice up a website, refer a friend and much much more
  Favicon create an icon to show when your domain is bookmarked
  Beeline Web Reference online web tools, graphics links and more
  Web Search Engines resource for webmasters, marketers and promoters.

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