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Localization / Translationn

Software Localization Programs
  Lingoware translating software to your language
  Localizator localization program
  Multilizer localize
  MultiLang delphi localizer by Lingscape
  TsiLang component based localizer
  Global Language Solutions translation, website localization and translation software
  Giken Shoji International japenese translation
  International Software Prorducts localization specialists
  Translate software localization, translation of technical documentation
  Transparent Language software to enable cross-language communication
  World Lingo translation, development toools, and multi-currency credit card processing
  Global Translation Services
quality translation services in over 30 languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch and Swedish. Our team of handpicked linguists are native language professionals who are experts in subject areas such as technical, medical, legal and financial.
translation software, short phrases etc..
Lingobit Localizer is a software localization tool for Win32/MFC, Java, .NET and other platforms. It empowers user with all the tools necessary to localize application: localizability testing, translation reuse, localization outsourcing. With Lingobit Localizer user can change strings, menus, dialogs (text, size and position of every element), bitmaps, icons and other resources. Lingobit Localizer simplifies localization process and saves both time and money.
Companies Providing Localization Services
Scribendi proof reading, editting and translation services
  We Localize professional translation and localization services
  Aset Quality organization offering translation services
  ABLE localization services for global markets
  Alpnet multilingual B2B service
  ANTHEA Languages offers globalization solutions for the IT industry
  Bowne Global Solutions product localization, content cration and management services to software developers
  ForeignExchange Translations, Inc. technical translation, software localization, and web globilization
  Harvard Translations language partner and software localization,
  International Software Products comprehensive localization services in european langauages,
  Lingo localization for software and training materials
  M2 Ltd globalization consulting and more
  Rubric specializes in complex software localization
  Dialog Translation ‘Just say the word,’ and we will link you directly to our "real-time" accredited interpretation service
  iTerracom offers multilingual, multidisciplinary services with shorter deadlines
  Digital North localization
  Merdian TT Translation Technologies specializes in a wide range of technical translation and localization services.
  DobTrad Translation service.
  CiCenter Technical translations
  K International Translation services
  Schreiber Tanslations document translation, software and website localization
  Globalization Partners translation and software internationalization
  Tranlations Inlinea comprehensive translation/editing service
  Russian Translation free translation of russian sites.
  Amtec Dutch Translations
  Global Rendering Asian Translations
  Soft Trans English to HungarianTranslations
Web Translation Tools
  Systran Translation Tools free translation insert text
  Babblefish free translation insert text or website

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