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Newsgroups and Discussion Groups for Individuals in the Software Industry

Software Forum
  Software Marketing Forum Forum to discuss issues related to software marketing
Discussion for Authors moderated discussion group for authors and those in the industry ask ASP members questions about shareware
  edu.educational_software_coop unmoderated forum for shareware individuals related to educational software moderated email discussion group for authors and those in the shareware industry
  alt.comp.shareware.authors unmoderated forum for shareware related issues
  SWRUS (Shareware Russia Mailist) mail list for russian shareware authors
  ZDNet forums large group of forums hosted by ZDNet
  Timo's additional list of newsgroups large list of software/shareware related newsgroups, with indications of moderation
  Programmers Heaven Programmer forums message boards specifically for programmers or read only at

french forums for developers (read only -
Announcement Groups for Authors
  Messaging Software post messaging software related announcements; no need to register in order to post. announce forums for developers moderated newsgroup to announce new software or related services
Discussion for End Users
  Messaging Software discussion forum related to messaging software no need to login in order to post. moderated newsgroup for users of software
PAD Support Forum
  asp.Pad_Support moderated newsgroup to announce new software or related services
Shareware Industry Conference Forum (SIC)
  sic.public discussion group for Shareware Industry Conference related issues.
Software Related Email Newsletters
  quality shareware newsletter software giveaways, reviews and more
  all aboard - shareware junction weekly hot software
  lockergnome software reviews and computer related
  daily blast /software explosion software blast news
  WUGNET directory of wugnet newsletters including wug-bytes and shareware pick of the week
  SoftBiz eZine newsletter for software authors author news news for software developers
  ezine-z directory of all types of newsletters
  tech extreme hardware/software ezine
  extreme tech hardware/software ezine
  O-A online advertising discussion list
  The Naked PC online advertising discussion list
  PC Stats Computer Newsletter - Learn tips and tricks from the pros, with the weekly newsletter!.
  Developer Forum forum for developers sponsored by Grassheap &
Misc Newsgroup Tools (and more)
  Timo's netiquette faq's regarding online etiquette and communication
  tracer lock free service that notifies you by emial if phrases are used in newsgroups
  binary boy Binary Boy quickly searches through thousands of newsgroup articles for pictures, sounds, and other file attachments
  Email Replies email etiquette
  My Newsgroups web based newsgroup access
  How to Write A Newsletter guide to writing newsletters
Net Abuse
  Network Abuse Clearinghouse report netabuse
  SpamCop report spam

Managing Newsletters
  SmartNewz managing newsletters


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