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Welcome to npsoft news. All the software listed on is discounted for schools and/or non-profits. - When Money Matters

What's New
We just added over 100 new software titles to The software collection is growing on a weekly basis. Bookmark and save your organization money today !

We have just added a script that allows you to spread the word. The "tell a friend" script allows you to easily send the web address to anyone that you feel would have an interest.

Honor Roll
A number of schools are now using software to engage students. Recently a school was known to use an adventure games to inspire students to create levels and determine logical play. Have a contest and design characters, computers are the future. This weeks feature is a perfect addon to any classroom, Ally through the Looking Glass was developed as an adaptation from of the CS Lewis classical novel. Children and adults a like will enjoy this humorous fantasy adventure.

Each week npsoft selects a software that stands out above the rest, this weeks Honor Roll feature is Allys Adventure Through the Looking Glass from Pharohs Games. Ally TTG is a engaging adventure game based on works from a classical author. This is the first game in a series of inspirational adventure games. Site license are available for schools and non-profits. Additional information:

Great Sites
911 is a hot new site that we have encountered. This site contains safety and emergency information. Topics cover everything from Internet Safety to Babysitting Guidelines. Be sure to check it out.

Gift Ideas
With the holidays coming we know how hard it is to find something different, so we have created a special section with software gift ideas. A number of developers are offering holiday specials be sure to check out

Love our logo? Promotional t-shirts and mugs are available with's logo, help spread the word! In addition 10% of the profit npsoft makes on promotional items will be donated to non-profits.

At The Office
In need of buttons for a website? Just Buttons is a great inexpensive tool, that will create buttons in a matter of minutes. Just Buttons won the Shareware Industry Award for Best Web Enhancement Utility. Lincoln Beach offers a $ 5.00 discount to academic organizations. Additional information:

Sneak Peaks:
If you belong to an organization that has occasional or monthly meetings about technology, stay tuned. In the near future we will be matching up "user group" requests with software companies willing to provide door prizes and group discounts. See preliminary information at:

Talk Back:
Your comments and suggestions are always welcome at, if you have any suggestions on ways we can improve the site or information that you would like to see added to the site please send us an email !

Link to Us:
If you find a valuable resource help us spread the word! Consider adding a link on your website graphics can be found at Please consider recommending to a friend ! As always if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your continued interest in
Sharon Housley - When Money Matters

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