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Welcome to npsoft news. This newsletter brings you software news catering to nonprofits and academic organizations. - When Money Matters!

Summer is Ending
Summer is coming to a close and its time to think about new systems for Septermber. Security and privacy seem to be a hot issues .... I think you'll find the applications presented assist with both !

Honor Roll
WebWatchBot - Don't Be The Last To Know Your Site is Down! Monitor sites in various ways "Ping" the site - verify the site is available, Download a page from the website - verify the page is available. Download a page from the website and verify that a word or phrase is being displayed to the screen - critical if you want to ensure that the entire page is being loaded

Some of Our Favorites
EZ Macros - EZ Macros has some exciting new features that continue to make it the ultimate keyboard macro utility. The intuitive interface makes EZ Macros the perfect tool for both new and experienced users. And EZ Macros can help you to automate all of the repetitive tasks you face each day! With EZ Macros you can "record" keystrokes and/or mouse movements or you can create macros manually. Hundreds of possible macro hot keys are available.

Business Fitness English - Business English Fitness is self-paced grammar improvement software that helps students improve their business writing, and provides teachers with measurable results. The software helps students recognize serious grammar problems that commonly trouble writers in the workplace. Student scores are kept in management system that allows teachers to view and print reports.

Entertaining and Informative
Geeks on the Radio - Great information and entertaining interviews available for download. Be sure to check out the latest Geeks !

Featured Site of the Week
Each week features a new site of the week, check out recent features ! Centered system - award winning backup software.

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