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Sharon Housley - -781-829-0500 Launches Comprehensive, Free Resource Site for Software Developers, the web site that brings together software developers with educators and nonprofit administrators looking for discounted software, has launched its free Author Resources pages, an wide-ranging repository of targeted, current, actionable resources for software authors.

As part of its one-stop shopping approach to software developer resources, and its emphasis on software marketing tools,'s Author Resources pages include hyperlinks to almost 250 software sites that consumers visit to download the latest software trial versions. There's a listing of newsgroups, e-mail newsletters, and discussion groups targeted at software authors, as well as announcement groups for new software. The site includes links to more than 40 local and international software trade organizations. There is a list of software publishers who print, box, and market independent developers' programs, including a list of game publishers. For those developers who prefer to self publish, there's a list of marketing companies that specialize in promoting software from independent developers, as well as a list of conferences and schmoozes targeted at independent software developers. There are even links to the seven largest adware companies who are actively looking to form partnerships with software developers.

To help developers create and send press releases, there is a listing of press release resources, including information on how to write and distribute them, as well as links to international databases of relevant address formats, telephone codes, and localization and translation resources.

The site contains a directory of more than two dozen shareware registration services, online stores, wrapper technology companies, and electronic payment firms, as well as links to international currency conversion sites. There's a resource guide to CD replication companies, CD fulfillment firms, CD manufacturers, makers of CD labeling software, and sources for CD labels and packaging. offers a free user group matchmaking database facility that allows computer user groups to state the kinds of software that they'd like to demonstrate at their monthly meetings, review on their web sites, and include in their monthly newsletters. This facility also makes it easy for software developers to post the types of software that they'd like to donate as door prizes at local user group meetings.

The site includes a list of more than a dozen sources of reliable beta testers. There is an explanation of software piracy that software developers can use on their own web sites.

Software developers who are trying to reach highly-targeted vertical markets will find a listing of dozens of trade magazines that list specialty software - for free - in their annual "buyers guide" issue. In addition to these print directories, there is a long list of vertical market sites that will list specialty software on topics ranging from adhesives to wireless networks.

There is a guide to software (and other) affiliate programs for software authors who want to recruit resellers and form relationships with other developers and distributors. The resource includes affiliate newsletters, forums, magazines, and promotion sites.

The Author Resources pages include a guide to software submission tools to make it easier for authors to find the Internet software download sites, as well as search engine submission tools designed to increase their visibility in the Internet's search engines. Search engine resources include information repositories about effective search engine strategies, search engine newsgroups and forums, site optimization resources, and tools to increase software developers' link popularity.

Software authors looking for development tools will find an extensive list of demo builders, installation programs, help file builders, and other essential programs. There are also links to translation services, proofreaders, documentation writers, anti-crack articles, and programming knowledge bases.

Authors looking to move their sites from their ISP to a web host will find a list of web hosts who are sensitive to the special high-volume needs of those software developers who offer free trial versions of their software for downloading. All of the Author Resources information on is freely available to all software developers, and may be found by visiting, and clicking on the "authors" link.

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