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Answwwer PRO - Visual Search Robot

by Silk Sail Software

Description: Answwwer PRO comes with the UNIQUE and exciting feature. Users of this software are able to See and Flip through web pages of search results along with reading their titles and descriptions! As any Search agent (Copernic, WebFerret etc.), this program consults major search engines (12) and filters results to get the best match for your query. In the next step, "Auto-Review" takes control and Answwwer gets Live and Interactive web pages of Top results in a matter of seconds for your visual, smart REVIEW. These pages are not static, expired thumbnails rather live, fresh, clickable pages! This is a totally automated and intelligent process and the user will not be required to click and wait for results to appear as Answwwer has already performed this operation. Users with a modem Internet connection will actually "SEE" the benefits after only a few minutes of the program works in the background. Happy marriage of advanced user side spider (RoBOT) and multi level offline browser technology brings to the user's desktop exciting new Visual way of finding answers on the World Wide Web. Program is extremely easy to use with comfortable known interface. The user also controls a number of Search and Review features and filters: Automatic removing of the same titles or www base; Reviewing of all external links from the page; Save and send research etc. User can SEE all external links from page or SEE desired depth of returned web sites. Silk Sail and Spadix Software will provide group license sales with possible program customization from logo embedding to custom data base(s) search. Answwwer PRO is open for bundling options and language customization licece sales. Answwwer PRO (898 KB) can be downloaded from: Screen shot of the Program: See your Search and Find your Answwwer!

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinNT3.x,WinNT4.x,Windows2000
Version - 1.7
Cost - $19.95
File Size - 0.9 MB

Discount Information: 30 % discount

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