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Backup2001 Pro

by Atypie Software

Description: Backup2001 PRo is the last member of the Backup2001 backup family.
Backup2001 Pro is a backup and restore tool for Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000. Backup2001 Pro uses an Explorer-like interface to easily access to any backup set component. Backup2001 Pro comes with its own scheduler, NT service and Clean Disk function. With Backup2001 Pro you can backup your files to floppy disks, SuperDisks, hard drives, network drives, ZIP drives, JAZ, Syquest, SparQ, writable CD (CD-R), and most other removable media including Tape drive with SCSI interface.
Backup2001 Pro is organised around a Backup Set . A backup set contains the definition of the backup. It includes : which data to backup, where to backup and how to backup. After a backup job the log file can be sent to a define Email address using SMTP or MAPI protocol. Backup2001 Pro is able to upload and download the backup job from an Ftp server. Backup2001 Pro manages a catalog database where you can find the detail of each backup job. So you will be able to consult, or search, through all backup jobs without opening each individual backup file. Optionally, Backup2001 Pro can ignore the catalog.
Backup2001 Pro comes with its own job scheduler, but you can also, use the Windows' task scheduler through the command line. Restoring files is as easy as pushing a button. But you can use sophisticated restoring options, including restoring a single file.
Backup2001 Pro, lets you define a standard profile to easily reuse it when you define a new backup set. A control panel applet is also including in the Backup2001 Pro package. This module displays the status of each job done by Backup2001 Pro
Backuk job can be displayed from within the Microsoft Explorer
If you are an Outlook user, a journal entry can be added each time a job is done.

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000
Version - 3 Build 104
Cost - $65
File Size - 5.19 MB

Discount Information: 150 $ unlimited license for non profit or academic organisation

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