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Description: BibCox is the fast, friendly Biblical concordance designed to both search a Bible, and browse parallel Bibles. Browsing is effortless with at least five different ways of moving through the Bibles, or going to a specific verse. However, BibCox's twin strengths are optimization for rapid searches on single words or simple phrases, and its powerful complex-searches which can use both PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression) and boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT). Not only are the searches efficient and powerful, but there are convenient ways to save the results and display them elegantly and ready for inclusion in a report. BibCox allows the user to specify how the search results should look, This includes hit counts, tags, highlighting, and other formatting. This pre-formatted output is collected in an rich-text editor to which in an rich-text editor to allow further processing.
To make the users life easier, BibCox's user interface can be extensively customized. The fonts in the editor, browser, and the toolbars can be separately set. In addition many components can be hidden, resized, or relocated if desired. BibCox is also supplied with extensive help, examples, and mini tutorials.
For the linguist, accompanying each Bible are several wordlists which are sorted, alphabetically, by frequency, and by length.
Apart from this one feature, for the linguist, BibCox is a focused tool, limited to browsing multiple texts, and performing fast and powerful searches on those texts and then presenting the search results elegantly.

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000
Version - 1.2
Cost - $15
File Size - 14.52 MB

Discount Information: 33% refund to non-profit agencies and/or academic institutions e-mail

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