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CProxy Server

by Computalynx Ltd

Description: CProxy Server is a Windows based (95/98 and NT4) software solution that provides a single point of contact between your network and the Internet. Essentially, CProxy removes your office-based machines from direct contact with the outside world and creates an additional level of security and control known as a 'firewall'. Your CProxy Administrator can also schedule access times to the Internet on a per user, workgroup or on a global basis. Comprehensive Feature Set CProxy provides access to all the important Internet facilities such as HTTP (the World Wide Web), NNTP (newsgroups), Telnet, POP3 (incoming email), SMTP (outgoing email), SOCKS5, FTP and others. Anti-Virus Scanning The latest versions of our Proxy Server incorporate anti-virus technology to prevent Internet users from inadvertently downloading infected files. An auto updating facility ensures that your virus scanner always has the latest AV definition files to combat the growing virus menace. Faster Page Serving Through a highly intelligent page caching system, CProxy speeds up access to commonly used web sites. Web pages are automatically stored in the server's cache when a user visits a website. The next time a request is made for that page it is served directly from the server's cache - an almost instant delivery as opposed to the irritating wait normally associated with online connections. Content/Site Filtering CProxy provides your Network Administrator with a powerful highly flexible tool for controlling and monitoring the kind of web content that finds its way onto your system. Undesirable material can be filtered in any number of ways by means of easy to follow dialogue windows and multiple-choice buttons. You can download the latest copy from our Software Download area. Your system Administrator can also see which user has accessed what sites and when. CProxy provides professional level security and control within the

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95, Win98, WinME, Win NT 3.x, Win NT 4.x, Windows2000, WindowsCE
Version - 3.4.3
Cost - $28.00
File Size - 7.2 MB

Discount Information: 25% discoumt to registered charities and Educational establishments

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