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CyPics - Photo Album and Image Browser

by CyWarp

Description: CyPics 3.0 - Catalog and retrieve your digital photos. 30,000+ images spread over many CDs per album. Now with drag and drop enabled thumbnail disk browser which is integrated with the open album. Print multiple images with powerful layout controls and the ability to include catalog information next to the photo - print 1 to 50+ images per page.

Setup slide shows in CyPics then export them to autorun CD slideshows for family, friends or business associates. Includes free slideshow player plus optional copyright image support and personalized branding.

Manage your images over many CDs. CyPics records the CD Id and requests a 'friendly name' to be used for load requests. CyPics knows which CD each image is stored on and will request it as required. The order in which CDs are used can be set for slide shows, CD Export and printing.

Enter image catalog details quickly using a smart approach that makes use of the things in common between successive photographs such as time, place and people.

Find images with a powerful easy to use form. CyPics uses a query based approach to image selection with the result that freshly added images are automatically included in a selection whenever they meet the query criteria.

View thumbnails from the disk browser or query selections. Thumbnail views display useful information about images. When the mouse pointer hovers over an image thumbnail a popup window is created which displays catalog and disk information about the image.

Watch full screen slide shows of your photographs. Information displayed includes title and sub-title slides as well as image descriptions. Each image is displayed for a selectable part of its display time without any overlaid text covering the image. Incorrect catalog information about an image can be updated during the slide shows.

Learn how to use CyPics easily as our discovery system leads you through use of the program. Online help is immediately available for all aspects of operation

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000
Version - 3.0.107
Cost - $49.95
File Size - 9.03 MB

Discount Information: Please contact for details of discount offers.

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