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by HammerTap

Description: Knowledge is power. DeepAnalysis gives you the information you've always wanted from eBay:
* What items are most popular?
* What sold for the most?
* What is the average sale?
* What is the average number of bids?
* How do reserve auctions do?
* How much is sold in Dutch auctions?
* Which sellers dominate?
* Which sellers are failing?
* What is their sell-through rate?
* How much do they really sell?
* What's their average sale?
* How much sold in my category?
* What is the sell-through rate?
* What was the average sale?
* How did the Dutch auctions do?
* How did reserve auctions fare?
. . . and much more.

Using Deep Analysis is easy. Simply choose an eBay category and let the application go to work. DeepAnalysis will show you:
* Every auction that received a bid in the category.
* All sellers who listed in that category, with data about all of their auctions.
* Detailed statistics about the auctions and sellers in that category.

DeepAnalysis can scan current auctions and completed auctions going back 30 days. It can export reports to spreadsheet or database for archiving, and will auto-update from the Internet when a new version is available.

Why use DeepAnalysis? See which sellers are really doing well, and analyze their techniques and product line. Find out how much your competitors are really selling in your marketplace. Some sellers list a lot but don't sell very much. Others have high sales with few auctions.
Strategize which categories would be best for your items by viewing bid data, sell-through rates, and average sales. Boost your sales by knowing which items receive the most bids and which sell for the most. Follow your particular marketplace over time by downloading and exporting sales data about all auctions in your chosen category. DeepAnalysis data can give you the edge on eBay.

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000
Version - 1.1
Cost - $129.00
File Size - 2.68 MB

Discount Information: 50% discount for non-profits available on request.

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