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DSP Spectrum Tool for Winamp

by Diva Multimedia

Description: DSP Spectrum Tool for Winamp is a high-precision real-time professional spectrum analyzer plug-in for Nullsoft Winamp audio player.

An usual VIS (visualisation) spectrum analyzing plug-in designed for Winamp uses pre-calculated visualisation data derived from Winamp. Anyone who can read Winamp SDK sources may notice that spectrum data Winamp provided to those plug-ins are presented in 8-bit data format. With 8 bits there are only 256 possible data levels could be shown, so there are no acceptable ways to represent these levels in true logarithmic scale.

The difference from another spectrum analyzers for Winamp is that DSP Spectrum Tool gets data as DSP (Digital Signal Processing) plug-in and performes its own Fast-Fourier transformation routines in 32-bit double float number format, so spectrum is displayed correctly even at weak signals. Even a masking noise added to any record before CD-mastering is shown!

The other key feature of DSP Spectrum Tool is to analyze and detect poorly-coded MP3 files. These files have a noticeable roll-off after 16kHz and they can be easily found by DSP Spectrum Tool.

The spectrum may be shown in two different modes - classic and sonogram plots. Classic view has a peak hold feauture with selectable hold time and a spectrum level meter to measure exact level of each spectrum component. Spectrum view allows to analyze continous frequencies changes over time. Both of the plots has a cursor-related marker to show exact frequency cursor stays at.

The level meter shows current absolute and RMS (Root-Mean-Square) levels of left and right channels, detects possible clippings occured while playing. Peak hold is also presented.

The look and feel of the plug-in are designed to meet original design of Winamp.

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95, Win98, WinME, Win NT 4.x, Windows2000
Version - 2.00
Cost - $19.95
File Size - 0.17 MB

Discount Information: 10% off for non-profit agencies and/or academic institutions.

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