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Easy Write 2000

by D & L Computing, Inc.

Description: Easy Write 2000 has all of the standard formatting tools such as bold and italic, bullets & numbering, and text case (upper and lower). Line spacing, superscript, and subscript are also
available. Click Insert Table and select the size. A simple table is inserted. Easy Write 2000 detects and underlines a misspelled word inside a document while typing or provides you the option to correct misspellings as you type. The auto replace feature quickly fixes those requently misstyped words. A thesaurus is also available to avoid redundant wording.
File: Text (*.TXT) and Rich Text Format (*.RTF) files can be inserted into any section of a document.
Image: Graphics can be inserted into a document with word wrapping.
Object: Any OLE object such as a spreadsheet can be inserted into a document.
Convert numbers to words with a simple quick click of a button.
Convert numbers to Roman numerals also with a click of a button.
Insert characters from any font with the character map tool.
Load Microsoft Wordฎ documents the same way you would load an Easy Write 2000 document.
Any document, loaded into Easy Write 2000, can be saved in the PDF format.
Easy Write contains a dynamic import/export engine that scans the local system for any converter that may be available to give you the power to use almost any document sent to you.
Easy Write has an unique feature in the form of a document task bar. Switch between documents quickly without having to go to a pull-down menu.
Zoom in and out of a document while still able to modify it.
Add a skin (background) to Easy Write to make it more personable.

Other Features
• A letter wizard is available to create letters quickly and easily.
• Add headers and footers to any document.
• Add page numbers with a single click.
• Use the highlight tool to insure your sentences get noticed.
• Add hyperlinks to documents for convenience.
• Add frames to lines to give that polished look.

Plus much, much more. . .

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000
Version - 2.0.388
Cost - $49.95
File Size - 17.49 MB

Discount Information: We will offer a 15% discount to non-profit agencies and academic institutions.

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