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NotePager Pro -
allows SMS message to be sent free of charge!

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Description: Combine any database records with VB scripts to produce highly personalized emails.
Complex personalized customer emails (e.g. account statement, reports, statistics, notifications, recalls, etc.)
Daily or weekly email reports
Personalized newsletters based on user profile
Follow-up message automation
Electronic forms
Lets you easily personalize your message content using scripting.
Dynamically renders per each recipient TXT, HTML or PDF
Integrates with your existing business solutions (database, custom applications).
Lets you create mailing lists OR links to existing data sources using SQL queries.
Runs securely as a Windows NT/2000 service and uses multi-threading.
Lets you Import any HTML or Text document, including MIME files (Outlook .eml, etc.) OR lets you create the message content from within the built-in editor.
Converts local links (gif, jpeg, etc.) to MIME embedded attachments. The message content is self-contained, no server calls
Schedules mailing jobs using the built-in NT/2000 scheduler (daily, weekly, etc.).
Includes built-in SMTP relay server.
Connects to multiple SMTP mail relays for large scale mailings
Renders anything from simple text mails to rich MIME/HTML mails
Resumes sending from the point it left off. No duplicate mails are sent.
Sends any kind of attachment, including images, binary files, HTML documents and dynamically rendered documents or images.
Provides script events that allow database update (remove records with invalid emails, store last date sent, etc.)

Contact Info -
O/S - WinNT 4.x,Windows2000
Version - 1.0.6
Cost - $2495
File Size - 5.8 MB

Discount Information: 15% to non-profit agencies and/or academic institutions

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