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FREE Equation Illustrator(tm)

by MGCSoft

Description: This is free version of the program Equation Illustrator V and includes many of the mprovements introduced in the concurrent release but with the following limitations. SUPPORT I will endeavour to answer all questions about FREE Equation Illustrator(tm) sent by email. Time constraints and obligations to customers of full licensed versions may mean answers are delayed or are simply referrals to the manual where appropriate. I will at some time in the future set up an eGroup where Equation Illustrator owners can discuss issues, make suggestions and find answers to questions from fellow Equation Illustrator users. Check the web site from time to time for news. Number of drawn shapes limited to 500. You will get a warning when this limit is reached for the first time. Subsequent attempts will fail to draw. The Macro Text window is limited to 15 entries. The undo limit for text, embedded pastes and picture operations is 100. The undo limit for drawing operations is limited only by disk space. Zooming limited to 8 times size. Define 3 custom button captions only per session. PNG file format (*.png) not available. Colour reduction: 5 times per session. Smoothing or anti-aliasing: 5 times per session. Polar arrays; 10 iterations, repeatable. Rectangular arrays; 4*4, repeatable. Waveform rotation; not available. Image rotation; not available. Background colour choice not available. Beep Ticks; not available. Stay on Top; not available. Permissions; not available. Short menus; not available. Scroll Speed; fixed at short. Popup menu for Image Objects Send to Back; Not available. Keyboard adjustment of selection rectangle and reference selector: not available. Settings: Arrow Head Length; preset. Angle Arc Radius; preset. Wavy Line Size; preset Rectangle radius; fixed values. Tick length; preset. Line Thickness; fixed values.

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000
Version -
Cost - $
File Size - 1.41 MB

Discount Information: FREE

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