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by KingsSeed Inc

Description: From a small company to a large enterprise, ICentral provides rapid deployment of applications,upgrades, programs, files, scripts and configuration changes to hundreds or thousands of computers in a single sweep. Within a Windows NT or 2000 domain you can execute any unattended program or script simultaneously or scheduled across multiple computers on your local LAN or even across the country in every office on your Wide Area Network. You can install a new application on hundreds of workstations across the country in one evening. Change network configurations on every computer in the company at the same time. Install a new program on a users workstation in a matter of seconds without ever leaving your office. Install new service packs and updates with the push of a button. Standardize application configurations across your entire network for quick and easy maintenance. Whatever the size of your company from 50 to 5000 computers you can save time and money by doing it once rather than a thousand times over. Also, save money because ICentral runs on your existing File Servers. No dedicated servers are required. Completely scaleable to fit the small company or the large corporate enterprise. ICentral auto-discovers all computers on your network. Jobs can be deployed to client computers which have no Agent installed. ICentral Agent provides extended functionality and reliability. Selectively deploy to specific system types or groups of systems. Schedule jobs to run immediately or at any scheduled time and date you wish. Scheduled jobs can be staggered to control network and server loads. Pre-installation check to verify disk drives, free memory and existing files or applications. post-installation check to make sure your installation was completed properly. No need for users to be logged on for a job to execute. No dedicated servers are required, ICentral runs on your existing NT or 2000 file servers. Automation will make the job easier.

Contact Info -
O/S - WinNT 4.x,Windows2000
Version - 1.3
Cost - $299.00
File Size - 5.62 MB

Discount Information: 20% discount for non-profit organizations. Send details to for further information.

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