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Description: IMatch 3 combines features currently only available in high-priced professional image management systems in a single application. It comes with an easy to use and fully customizable user interface, suitable for all types of users.
With its unique image matching features, over 30 selection criteria on all type of image attributes, IMatch makes finding images easier than ever.

IMatch extends the keywording concept used by other application with Dynamic Categories, allowing you to create parallel hierarchies on top of your images: clients/customers, topic, theme and even cross-relations in-between.

IMatch contains image-editing functionality targeted at enhancing images and preparing them for long-term storage. IMatch also supports TWAIN-compatible scanners and allows you to scan directly into your databases.

Numerous import and export filters allows you to import from existing systems and to export the information contained in your databases to formats like Text, HTML, XML and many other formats.

IMatch also supports the CRC/CSV formats popular among image collectors and directly imports and exports ACDSee(TM) compatible description files.

A powerful Contact Sheet Builder allows you to create contact sheets (index prints) from your image collections with to many options to mention. The output can have any resolution, from screen to pre-press.

With the versatile Batch Converter you not only can convert your images into overt 50 file formats, but you can also resize/resample them, add borders, text, graphics, watermarks and logos on the fly.

A full-featured scripting language allows you to extend the built-in functionality of IMatch and to automate frequent tasks. The scripting environment contains an editor, debugger and test environment to enable you to create customized solutions within the IMatch framework.

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000
Version - 3
Cost - $49.95
File Size - 17.64 MB

Discount Information: IMatch 3 is free for educational and academic use. Please contact for additional information

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