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IntelliPoiter for Mouse

by MRT Research

Description: IntelliPointer is breakthrough software that transforms your mouse or trackball into an ergonomic device with over 50% reduction in hand movement, superior control, comfort and smooth operation.

IntelliPointer allows you to easily and precisely move the pointer to anywhere on the computer screen with one small and slow movement of your hand.

Reduce the risk of hand injury caused by repetitive movement and excessive strain.
Essentially eliminate lifting and repositioning your mouse.
Make your computer pointing natural and effortless.
Point and click between letters with ease and comfort.
Reach all tool bars or long drop down menus without straining your hand.
Improve your performance and productivity.
Save desktop space by using a mouse pad half the size of a conventional pad.
Eliminate frequent cleaning of your mouse.

How IntelliPointer Works:

IntelliPointer continuously controls and optimizes the speed and precision of the pointer for you. The pointer moves fast when you need it, moves slow when you need it and stops when you need it. You always move your hand slowly and smoothly. The pointer goes the distance for you.

IntelliPointer is ergonomic:

With everyday use of computer pointing devices, hand pain and injury due to repeated motion and strain have become commonplace. Many people are experiencing pain in their hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. Some have suffered permanent damage.

IntelliPointer reduces hand movement to its natural comfort zone. You can rest your hand on a surface or pad and navigate the pointer with a slow and small movement of your hand. Your arm and shoulder will always be at rest. You don't need to put your hand in awkward positions to move just a little more to reach your target.

With all these provisions IntelliPointer significantly reduces the strain and the risk of injury to your hand, wrist, arm and shoulder.

A version for touchpads is also available.

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000
Version - 1.0
Cost - $25
File Size - 1 MB

Discount Information: There will be a 25% discount for non-profit organizatons. Please contact before purchasing.

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