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Mega Motivator Gold

by Windsor Hill Inc.

Description: Mega Motivator - The program that enables you to turn your computer into the most powerful motivation/inspiration and personal growth tool in the world!
Here are just some of the things the Mega Motivator can help you with:
attracting a mate, weight loss, relationships and love, work improvement, super learning, motivation, personal development, prosperity, confidence, happiness, health, assertiveness, self-esteem, stress relief, improved memory, and much more!
Type ANY custom message or affirmation into your computer, for example: "You are super productive and successful". Then the Mega Motivator periodically displays the message ON TOP OF whatever program you're working on. Set the length of time the message displays, from as long as a few seconds, or to so fast that you don't even see it " only your subconscious will see it! That's right, you can set it to subliminally deliver the message directly to your subconscious mind, helping you program yourself with self improvement goals, without even having to see or think about the message! Next, set the timer for how often you want your message to pop up on your computer screen throughout the day. Doesn't interfere with the programs you're working on. Can be used as a reminder memo also.
And - Use it to as a count down to achieving your goals!
Automatically Display The Countdown to Achieving your Goal (or 'til vacation), on Your Computer Monitor!

Want to keep track of the days/hours/minutes/seconds to achieving a goal, reaching a landmark, vacation, or even the end of the workweek (TGIF!)? Now you can with this innovative program. It will periodically display your custom goal, and the countdown to achieving it, without interfering with other programs you're working on.
If you want to make use of subliminal messages, goal achievement, or personal inspiration and motivation and you use a computer then - this program is for you

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000
Version - 1.1.3
Cost - $29.95
File Size - 1.38 MB

Discount Information: 15% discount for academic institutions is available on demand

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