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by Impact Software

Description: Microangelo 5.5 introduces complete support for Windows XP icons! Create, edit, update, replace and organize all image formats, including the new alpha-blended images, on any platform beginning with Windows 98.

Find the icons you're looking for with Microangelo's Explorer. Navigate through icon-laden computers, drives, and folders, browsing the files that contain icons and cursors. Explorer also serves as an excellent "home base" for accessing these graphics using the rest of the Master's tools. Microangelo Explorer sports the familiar look and feel of Windows Explorer. A double-click on any of the displayed files takes you directly into the appropriate Microangelo utility designed to access the selected file.

Studio is a graphics editor that manipulates images in all sizes and color formats. A full-featured tool set includes a graphic selection tool, pencil, multiple brush sizes, color erasers, flood, rectangle, and ellipse drawing tools. Intelligent paint modifiers apply color gradients, dodge and burn existing colors, and anti-alias drawing operations against the graphics below. Five new modes allow precise editing of RGB and "alpha" (transparency) information for Windows XP images. Complete clipboard support to cut, copy, and even scale paste operations. Studio can import and scale bitmap images with awesome results. An actual size viewing area offers a "real time" display of the edit session as you work.

Librarian is a powerful utility for viewing and managing icon libraries of all types. Use it to seek out icons on your computer. Librarian displays full-window viewing of every image format - all sizes and color depths. Drag 'n' drop icons between Librarian windows or double-click any icon to instantly edit it using Microangelo's Studio component. Easily extract embedded icons to ICO files - just drag and drop them into any Windows folder.

Animator creates and edits animated cursor files, sporting the same look, feel, and rich toolset as Studio.

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000
Version - 5.5
Cost - $59.95
File Size - 2.75 MB

Discount Information: 30% discount for academic institutions is available on demand

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