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by InnerPeace.Org

Description: Imagine your life with more inner peace. What would that be like? MonkeyMind is a free self-help chatterbot. Discover issues in your life that interfere with your inner peace. Especially helpful at discovering underlying issues for which people turn to substances, violence, and other unhealthy behaviors as *solutions.* Excellent companion to any therapy. Ideal for people under stress or in recovery. Totally confidential. Fun. Free support for all. Runs on any computer system: Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. MonkeyMind is Forever Free Software licensed under the GNU General Public License. There are no charges, no advertisments, and no solicitations. Enjoy MonkeyMind. Pass it on. Put it on public computers in libraries and schools. You can even take old 386 computers, set them up as MonkeyMind computers, and put them in churches, counseling centers, shelters, rehab centers, halfway houses, and other places where people in need of emotional healing can get can get access to it. Help spread MonkeyMind. Many people suffer needlessly from emotional pain. MonkeyMind can help. Fears, worries, doubts, anxieties, attitudes, limiting beliefs, resentments, regrets, and more can all be handled. MonkeyMind can also be used as an Human Resources Department tool at work. Set MonkeyMind up on old computers in the HR office and let people discover their issues. Please help us pass word about MonkeyMind. We especially love articles, reviews, links. Please tell webmasters about MonkeyMind. We really love links, reviews, and articles. Also, many newspapers, magazines, TV shows do features about computers. Have them do a review of MonkeyMind. If you have friends in foreign countries, please tell them about MonkeyMind. We need people to translate it into many languages. Imagine the whole world at peace. What would that be like? Try it. It works. Enjoy MonkeyMind. Pass it on.

Contact Info -
O/S - Win3.1x, Win95, Win98, WinNT4.x, Windows2000, WindowsCE, Unix, Linux, OS/2, MAC68k, MacPPC, PalmOS3.0
Version - 1.0B6.01
Cost - $0
File Size - .01 MB

Discount Information: free

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