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by Harmony Central

Description: Peek@Mail is the email client that gives you the Power! You can now filter and delete unwanted email before it gets to your PC. Peek@Mail is different because it works by peeking at your ISP's email server before the email can get delivered to your PC.

Have you ever been on alert for a nasty virus going around the Internet in emails? With Peek@Mail you're in control! Set the Peek@Mail "settings" to "skip messages" over 1K and Peek@Mail won't download email to your PC but it will give you the chance to read it off the mail server first, thus reducing the chances of unwanted emails that can cause harm!

Getting rid of SPAM is now a breeze with Peek@Mail's powerful Extreme Blacklist anti-spam filtering. You can also easily un-blacklist select email senders too with whitelist management to get the email you want and get rid of the SPAM you don't.

Do you have multiple email accounts? Peek@Mail will let you manage your multiple accounts all in one client and can play a different sound to notify you of incoming mails on the different accounts. Peek@Mail is a full featured email client too with rich text editing features so your email can have the different colors, fonts and formatting that help you get your message accross.

For those on road or on dial up, set Peek@Mail "settings" to "skip messages" over 1K and it will save you time by checking the email server and letting you read the email rather than just fetching large emails that take time to download right away.

Peek@Mail is the MUST HAVE email client for everyone whether you have a broadband or dial up connection.

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000
Version -
Cost - $14.95
File Size - 3.34 MB

Discount Information: % discounts available on request

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