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Ready, Aim, Test!

by Atlanta Development Group, LLC

Description: Ready, Aim, Test!(tm) - Perform web site volume testing and benchmarking for a fraction of the cost of name brand testing utilities. This is the flagship testing product when you require ease of use and bang for the buck!!! Ready, Aim, Test! uses COM Automation to control multiple instances of MicrosoftInternet Explorer for the purpose of volume testing web sites. Ready, Aim, Test! does not emulate a browser's interaction with the website it commands actual browsers to perform the requests, thereby creating the most accurate interaction between the web client and the web server. Here are 4 great reasons to choolse Ready, Aim, Test!: 1) Control up to 50 instances of Internet Explorer from a single desktop. 2) Simulate user latency for realistic testing scenarios. 3) Utilize graphical gauges to see real-time performance of your website. 4) Ready, Aim, Test! was designed and written for developers, by developers.

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000
Version - 1.10
Cost - $99.00
File Size - 3.99 MB

Discount Information: Non profit organizations pay only 19.95. Send an email to for assistance with processing.

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