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ROSIM Systems SimKit

by ROSIM Systems

Description: A Discrete Event Simulator used to optimise the design and operation of a wide range of systems in Industry and Commerce, for example, manufacturing production lines, call centres and queueing facilities in shops, supermarkets and banks. The simulation is based around a model, built on screen by placing symbols representing system components and interconnecting them. The user supplies system parameters associated with each component and then the model is run, the simulation generating behavioural data. The simulation can be observed on-screen through in-context animations and data monitors. An analyser utility is provided so that results can be displayed in graphical form. Other utilities are included to filter data for uploading into standard office applications for further analysis. All SimKit's software modules are fully integrated and include Planner designed to be used with sophisticated SimKit factory models for evolving operational and management strategies. Planner emulates industry standard techniques for production control allowing the scheduling of 'virtual work' through production lines. Management Training is an associated important use. The software is fully modular, providing a simulation system that can be easily upgraded and maintained or tailored to suit user's exact needs. An important feature of SimKit is that models actually consist of small autonomous component programs that represent system functions. These all intercommunicate through a model manager, individually reporting behavioural data. This is why SimKit is so easy to maintain. New versions of these 'functional components' can simply be copied to your hard disk when they become available. An additional important feature is the availability of sub-system components. These make the building and analysis of structured, sophisticated models, which may contain management and control structures, straightforward.
SimKit is supported by a full suite of documentation and tutorials.

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000
Version - 1
Cost - $200
File Size - 6.37 MB

Discount Information: (GBP)35 per site

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