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SafeData Technology Suite

by CodeTek Studios, Inc.

Description: SafeData™ Technology Suite 1.0 includes SafeFile™, SafeClean™, and SafeShred™.

SafeFile™ allows you to create a virtual safe for totally private document storage. SafeFile’s™ virtual safe prevents anyone else who uses the same computer from being able to access any files you place inside the virtual safe.

SafeClean™ quickly removes Internet history files and caches that can allow others to find out what you have been doing on the Internet, possibly revealing personal and potentially compromising information.

SafeShred™ is an easy-to-use program designed to permanently remove files from your computer. SafeShred™ provides a virtual file shredder that completely shreds the file to pieces. SafeShred™ is so powerful files shredded on your computer are permanently destroyed.


Currently, SafeShred registration codes are available for free.

Free registration in the CodeTek iPod giveaway is available at the web site!

For every thousand purchases of SafeData Technology Suite, a drawing will be held where one of the purchasers will win a free iMac G4. Details are available on the web site.

Contact Info -
O/S - Mac PPC
Version - 1.0
Cost - $49.95
File Size - 2.31 MB

Discount Information: SafeData Technology Suite is 28% off for non-profit and academic institutions. The list price of SafeData Technology Suite is 39.95, and will be sold at 35.95 to non-profit and academic institutions. Please contact us at to receive this discount.

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