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Shareware Workshop

by SDMSoft

Description: Shareware Workshop- The multi-purpose tool essentially facilitating life of the shareware programs developer!

Major feathures:
1. Store all info about your companies.Multiply companies support. Can import company info from PAD;
2. Store all info about Your products:
2.1. all versions history stored;
2.2. Import/Export to/from PAD (PAD-extensions is fully supported)
2.3 Easy history.txt, file_id.diz & FAQ generation;
2.4. ToDo/Bug list, used for history & FAQ generation(data from ToDo list will be included into history & FAQ)
2.5. product Web page generation (you can define own templates);
3.Submit your product to shareware archives:
3.1. Forms auto fill;
3.2. Manage sites logins;
3.3. Track all submit results for all product versions;
3.4. You can add/edit/delete sites into database
4. Customers database:
4.1 import orders from file/clipboard;
4.2. You can write own import templates for orders. Predefined templates for ShareIt, RegNow, DigiBuy & Shareg;
4.3. Inplace product keys generation - you can write keygen's & and integrate it into Shareware Workshop;
4.4 .Allows send customized emails to customers using email-templates. You can easy add/edit/delete email templates. MassMailing supported
5. Full / partial data backup/restore.
6. Stylish, handle user interface with Windows XP support

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Version - 1.2.7
Cost - $75
File Size - 1.775390625 MB

Discount Information: For discounts contact with us by email:

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