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Start Up Pass

by Mediacom Softwares

Description: A Powerful program to secure your computer ? Yes, Start Up Pass is the complete security control system which fixes and Locks all the entry routes to load Windows and major security loop holes with the power of SSA Secure technology. The Login screen which completely locks and stops Windows from loading in the normal mode till an user is authenticated is securely supported by the Dos Mode protect with Tristate auto detect to lock the Dos mode boot startup route placing 7 security check points and the Safe Mode Protect securing the Safe mode startup by allowing only the Administrator to login to the Safe mode.

You can also customise various security aspects like locking Interrupt keys and Boot menus at system bootup. The Desk Lock feature allows you to secure Lock the Windows Desktop when you are away or at idle or even at Windows startup, an added security. The Real time protection constantly monitors system activities and makes it impossible for sub users to disable or uninstall Start Up Pass with detailed logging reports. With over 50 hand picked Windows Tweaks you can optimize, enhance and secure your hardware panel & system settings. The System Restore can snapshot your registry, files and system settings and restore it later. The Administrator control includes various startup modes of control panel, Recovery code on lost password or security tamper. Administrator can also password protect Start Up Pass uninstallation using the high strength Password Generator, Shut Down computer if login fails in defined tries, predefined limitation for sub user access, security alarm, checks and more..So restrict unauthorized access to the computer system in all environments!

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME
Version - 2.2
Cost - $29.95
File Size - 2.76 MB

Discount Information: We provide a 25% discount to non-profit agencies and/or academic institutions. Please contact

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