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by Slavko Ilic

Description: SunyNotePad is a powerful large PLAIN - and RICH - text, as well as HEX, NFO/DIZ and C/C++, Basic, Java, Perl, HTML, XML, SQL, Pascal, Delphi script editor. Using an MDI approach, it lets you open/edit and print multiple text based files. It comes with various useful editing and formatting tools (file converter, tag wizard, hex editor, spelling checker, sorting, image and font viewer, multiple text/binary replace, color picker, macro, synonyms).Many useful tools can help you to easily edit script files:
Tag Wizard - with complete lists of tags/statements for HTML, ASP, ASP+, Perl, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, VB Script and WML, more then 30 ready-to-use DHTML and ASP scripts, as well as easy-to-use wizards for inserting tables, images, hyperlinks, bookmarks, lines, background and hyperlink formatting, inserting special characters etc.
Powerful highlighting options for script files.
HTML color converter and screen color picker.
File converters (convert plain or formatted RTF text to HTML, HTML to VB/ASP, VB code to HTML).
Preview HTML files in browser before you save the changes.
Other tools
Font Viewer (preview installed fonts, with its HEX, binary and decimal values)
Image Viewer (preview thumbnailed images in any folder before you insert it into the active document).
HEX Editor (view and edit any binary file with fully functional HEX editor)
Replace in binary and multiple textual files (enhanced replace functions)
Spelling checker and searching for synonyms and related words.
Sort large text files, directory lister.
Macro editor (record as a macro any string, even formatted, with images inserted and call using Play macro function);
Insert plain or RTF text files into the active document.
Scientific calculator and calendar (with possibility to format date and/or time before you insert it), as well as page setup option (setup margins at printing and apply margins in documents), possibility to lunch default email client etc.

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME
Version - 6.1
Cost - $20
File Size - 6.1 MB

Discount Information: 30%

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