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Turbo Browser 2001

by FileStream, Inc.

Description: Turbo Browser 2001 provides many essential Internet publishing and file management tools so you can extend the reach of your computers to include local computers as well as external Internet FTP servers as an integral part of your personal computing environment.

With just a single click you can open, view, and manage documents, pictures, files from anywhere, locally or on the Internet. To power your abilities to work at peak efficiency, it offers on-the-fly thumbnail and report style viewable file lists which makes your work easier and faster.

Turbo Browser 2001 lets you work with server folders and files like local folders and files, drag and drop, view, rename, move, or delete files and folders, or create subfolders. It provides FTP communication tools that let you peek into communication buffers as data scope to check into the just-received contents and to automatically analyze any connectivity problems.

Turbo Browser 2001 includes almost all the Internet functions, e.g. surfing, search, favorites, HTTP uploads and downloads, downloading web sites, MAPI integration for sending files via E-mail, integrated Trace Route of single and multiple domains, Telnet, access to E-mail client, News reader, and Address Book.

In addition, Turbo Browser 2001 also provides Internet communication diagnostic tools that let you analyze connectivity problems due to ISPs, the Internet, network, or the host you are connecting to. To help you resolve the problem, it provides you with WHOIS locations and contact information.

The Double Pane HTML Editor allows you to edit HTML source code with side-by-side WYSIWYG view of the results, without having to manually refresh the browser each time to see what the page looks like. It also supports drag and drop text editing, in-document text search, unlimited levels of Undo, transparent publishing tools...

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000
Version - 8.0
Cost - $89.95
File Size - 1.92 MB

Discount Information: Non profit and education price: $39.95, regular $89.95

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