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Software Vendor Advertising Options:
  software marketing resource inexpensive static banner advertising ($ 10.00 per month). ads targetted at software authors
  euro-share advertising targetted at those in the shareware industry
  ASPects printed software professional publication
  ASP website association of shareware professional website
Software Author Advertising Options:
  npsoft software site inexpensive static banner advertising ($ 10.00 per month) targetted at non-profits and schools
  file depot button (88x31) exchange
  galtech software site advertising
  lockergnome ezine, pricier but lots of traffic
  tucows software site, pricier but lots of traffic
  chabonk software site banners starting at $ 25.00








Messaging Software
The latest and greatest messaging software solutions. Including email, mass mail, wireless, instant messengers, voice mail, telephony solutions and much more.
Monitoring Software
Monitoring solutions to meet all of your tracking and monitoring needs. From key loggers to network and access monitoring applications.
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