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askSam - Since 1985 askSam Systems has been developing some of the worlds most popular text-database and publishing tools. askSam is a different kind of database -- it's a whole new way to manage information.

~askSam requires no pre-defined structure or field lengths. Add notes and descriptions to your databases. Turn e-mail, texts, and Internet information into searchable databases. ~askSam is easy to use. You can search without learning a query language. You can create reports without programming.
~askSam was designed for users, not for programmers.
~ askSam searches are fast, powerful, and easy. Type in any word or phrase, and askSam finds it... anywhere in your database. No complicated query language. No need to remember what field contains what information.

Who's using askSam? People all over the world are using askSam, and they use it for a variety of tasks. The U.S. Congress used askSam to organize the complete testimony of the Iran Contra Hearings. CBS News used askSam to track news reports during the Gulf War. Many law enforcement agencies use askSam for investigations (including organizations like the CIA and FBI). Journalists, sales and marketing professionals, doctors, lawyers, students... For information on how people use askSam, see the askSam User Stories.

~ Freedom - That's What askSam is all About! .

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