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RK West - Convert-O-Gadget - R.K. West Consulting announces the first release of Convert-O-Gadget.

What does it do? It's a handy tool to help you make conversions from one unit of measurement to another. Did you measure your living room in square feet, only to find that carpet is sold by the square yard? Trying to figure out how a liter of your favorite soft drink compares to the old quart bottles? If you need to know how many cups in 3 quarts, how many pounds in 2 kilograms, or how many acres to a square mile, Convert-O-Gadget provides the answer quickly and easily. Trying to decipher a long Roman numeral? Convert-O-Gadget gives you the number in a flash. It includes conversions for fluids, weights, distances, areas, circles, temperatures, numerals, percentages, fractions and decimals. In case you can think of something that Convert-O-Gadget doesn't include, there's a Custom section that lets you "roll your own". All profits from the sale of Convert-O-Gadget are donated directly to nonprofit organizations. During 2001, all donations will go to the September 11th Fund.

A new organization will be selected in 2002. For further details and ordering information, please visit .

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