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SoftShape - makes programs more beautiful, more useful, and more user friendly. Home of Chameleon Clock. Chameleon Clock is a digital desktop clock that is a beautiful replacement of standard Windows tray clock. It may change its look using Winamp skins and bitmap digits. Besides, Chameleon Clock has all the major functions that a desktop clock may have
Highly customizable clockface - using Winamp skin and digit styles that exactly meet your tastes; Building itself into the taskbar, replacing Windows clock and not eating any desktop space.
Enhanced alarms - show messages with custom icons, play MP3, MIDI, and WAV sounds, and run applications at specified time; Showing the current time worldwide; Offers a quick access to Julian date, Swatch time, and moon phases in the Advanced Tooltip and the calendar. Always accurate by synchronizing the computer's clock with Atomic Time Servers via fast and reliable SNTP-protocol;
User friendly - offers highest level of usability, ease of learning and operation, and visual attraction. Multilingual interface support and more...

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