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Trade Organizations

Trade Organizations
  Association of Shareware Professionals professional software trade association
  Educational Software Cooperative educational software trade association
  International Game Developers Network gamers trade organization
  International Game Developers Association gamers trade organization
  SIIA trade organization
  Australian Delphi User Group user group
  Shareware Russia organization
  SAVE (German) organization
  AFAS (French) organization
  RUSH (French) organization
  Comp Info Organization List list of trade organization
  San Diego Software and Internet Council san diego trade organization
  Information Technology Assoc. of America american trade organization
  Arizona Software & Internet Association arizona software trade organization
  Austin Software Council austin, texas software trade organization
  Chicago Software Association chicago, illinois software association
  Maine Software Developer Association maine software developer association
  Interactive Media Trade Association multimedia trade organization
  Massachusetts Software Council massachusetts software council
  Colorado Software Association colorado software association
  New Jersey Technology Council chicago, illinois software association
  Software Association of New Hampshire new hampshire software association
  Software Association of Oregon oregon software association
  Software Council of Southern California california software organization
  Software Development Forum software developer forum
  European Leisure Software Publisher Association game developer/publisher organization
  Business Application Software Developers Association based in UK business software association
  Business Software Association of Australia based in AU business software association
  software association based in western massachusetts
  software association based in cincinnati
  new york software association
  northeast ohio software association
  400 members strong software organization in quebec
  washington software organization
  list of technology organizations
  Association for Computing Machinery the world's first educational and scientific computing society
  Association of Information Technology Professionals provide superior leadership and education in Information Technology
  Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility public-interest alliance of computer scientists concerned about the impact of computer technology on society
  Computer Society leading organization of computer professionals.
  Independent Computer Consultants Association provides professional development opportunities and business support programs for independent computer consultants
  Programmers Guild guild or professional society specifically for programmers
  Society of Computer Professionals recognition of quality professionals
  Usability Professionals Association Provide a network and opportunities through which usability professionals can communicate and share information
  Women in Technology International premiere association dedicated to advancing women in technology.
  US Internet Industry Association USIIA advocates effective public policy for the Internet and provides its members with essential business news, information, support and services. .
  Germany premier business-to-business news and networking service for small and medium-sized companies and bilingual professionals who are active both in U.S. and German markets.
  Virtual Private Networks VPNlabs is an open community for researching, reviewing, and discussing Virtual Private Networks.
  CSDN Chinese Software Developers Network.
  CNSW Chinese Software Organization

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